Upload Agency work with an impressive roster of influencers and brands.

Check out the below gallery for an idea of who we work with. Don't see the person you are looking for? Drop us an email, we have direct access to pretty much every English speaking Youtuber/Twitch streamer on the planet.

Sidemen Clothing

Sidemen Clothing 90 Million Combined Subscribers

Sidemen Clothing is the merchandise brand of one of the largest Youtube collectives in the world, The Sidemen. At Upload Agency we work with The Sidemen in many different ways, including Event Planning, Merchandise, Business Management and much more!

Behzinga Over 100 Million Views

Ethan produces entertaining FIFA and Real Life videos that capture the imagination of his audience, earning him a prolific following. Youtube: 3.6 million subscribers. Twitter: 900,000 followers Instagram: 1.2 million followers Facebook: 27,000 followers
James Kingston

James Kingston Unique Content

Since 2004, James has demonstrated his passion for producing unconventional content in a way that has never been seen before. Throughout his work, his talent and positive attitude towards life is obvious.His reach includes; 420.000 YouTube subscribers, 278,000 Facebook likes, 208,000 Instagram followers & 33,000 followers on Twitter. His audience is growing almost as fast as his nerve.

Vikkstar Over 8 million subscribers on YouTube

Vikkstar is a member of The Sidemen, with over 8 million subscribers across his 3 YouTube channels. Away from YouTube, Vikk has over 1.7million followers on Instagram and 1.3million on Twitter.
Room 94

Room 94 UK Pop Rock Band

Room 94 are a UK Pop Rock band with 3 top 40 albums who maintain high levels of interactions on all social media platforms. They film videos ranging from tour diary and behind the scenes of music videos, to challenge videos, prank videos and vlogs. The band have two youtube channels totalling over 53,000 Subscribers, as well as a combined twitter reach of over 400,000 & 405,000 Facebook likes.
Ashley Mariee

Ashley Mariee 655K Instagram Followers

Ashley Mariee is a video-game commentator from the UK, although she splits her time between the UK and Los Angeles. Ashley first uploaded a video on to Youtube in 2012 and has grown to over half a million subscribers, as well as a huge 655,000 followers on Instagram and 308,000 followers on Twitter.
Natascha Cox

Natascha Cox Fashion & beauty Blogger

Up and coming fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger Natascha Cox has a social audience of over 80k. Also a Yahoo Style Blogger, Natascha is quick becoming an Instagram fashion favourite.

Miniminter 8.2 Million Subscribers

Simon, AKA Miniminter is one of the fastest growing Youtuber's in the UK and recently voted in the top 10 most influential creators in the UK. His Instagram has nearly 2 million followers and his Twitter is perused by no less than 1.3 million tweeters. He has a 8.2 million subsriber base on YouTube.
Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine 161,000 Instagram Followers

Amy is a 20 year old UK Fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger from Hampshire. Blogging since 2011 Amy is a seasoned festival-er and is passionate about travel & music. Her fashion forward content has earned her an impressive social media following with 161,000 instagram followers.
Georgia Jones

Georgia Jones Former Miss England

After finishing her studies, Georgia trained & worked as a Beauty Therapist for 3 years until in 2007 when she was crowned Miss England. After handing over her crown, Georgia moved to London and became a full time model with agency MOT Models which continues the be my full time career to this day. Georgia's content consists of all things fashion, fitness, beauty & lifestyle with a few photoshoots and behind the scenes at shoots thrown in!

Nixalina Award winning Sex & Dating Blogger

Dating & Sex Expert Nixalina is a Multi-Award Winning London Blogger/Influencer. Her relationship and dating features have attracted global followers and have prompted her nickname throughout the industry as London's real-life answer to 'Carrie Bradshaw'. She is now the number one Sex & Dating Expert in London and the go-to girl for all sex, dating and love features across national press.
Laura Hyatt

Laura Hyatt Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

Top 10 Cision and Vuelio nominated Laura Hyatt logs her adventures around the Globe on her coveted blog heroineinheels.com. She also shares her travels with over 22k Instagram followers.

BackpackerBanter Travel Blogger of the Year 2016

Award winning blogger Chris Stevens is a surfer, photographer, traveller and ocean lover from Devon. His Blog BackpackerBanter.com has worked with some of the travel industries biggest brands and in 2016 he was awarded travel blogger of the year award at the National UK blog Awards. On the road since 2009 Chris has been travelling the globe sharing his tips and experiences, picking up an impressive following along the way.
Kitty Cowell

Kitty Cowell Stylist, Blogger & Model

Have you heard about Kitty Cowell? She styles, blogs, models and she's killing the sneaker / Unisex world right now! With titles like Highsnobiety, iD and Notion Magazine under her styling belt as well as brands like Nike, Puma, Bape and Diesel as a blogger/model - you really should!
Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer Over 4.4 million Subscribers

Typical Gamer is a Canadian Youtuber, who live streams and uploads content daily. With over 4.4 million subscribers and almost 900 million video views, Andre is one of the largest Canadian Youtubers and also has huge followings in both the USA and the UK.

Oakelfish 482,000 Youtube Subscribers

Oakley also known as ‘Oakelfish’ has gained over 482,000 YouTube subscribers with his fun gaming based content. As well as gaming videos he also uploads football videos, challenges and the occasional vlog.

JMX Social Reach Of Over 3 Million

First launching his channel in 2013, UK born YouTuber JMX has now accumulated over 2.5 million subscribers across 2 channels with his FIFA Gameplay and content. His total audience sits at over 3 million across Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Zerkaa 6.6 Million Audience

Zerkaa, aka Josh, is the founder of Sidemen Clothing and a member of the Youtube group of friends known as The Sidemen. On his main channel, he mainly uploads FIFA videos and real life related video's, including regular challenges with the other members of The Sidemen.
The Burnt Chip

The Burnt Chip Fifa And Comedy YouTuber

With a million subscribers The Burnt Chip is fast becoming one of YouTube’s favourite contributors. Hailing from Manchester and his FIFA and football based content have earned him an impressive following of 1.5 million and growing.

RossiHD 727K Youtube Subscribers

Rossi is an English content creator, with a primarily FIFA based channel. Rossi also has over 200,000 followers on Twitter. Rossi's channel to date has received over 127 million views from his 727,000 subscribers.

Monstah 250K Subscribers

Parris otherwise known as Monstah or FIFAMonsta is commonly witnessed shouting at FIFA, Vlogging and sharing anecdotes through his "Storytime" web-series or performing his latest raps. His reach includes 250K YouTube subscribers and nearly 57K Twitter followers.
Kelly Jean

Kelly Jean 330K Facebook Likes

Cosplayer, Singer and Twitch Streamer, Kelly Jean has been known to attract incredible momentum on Facebook and her imagination and personality explain her ever growing audience.
Claira Hermet

Claira Hermet BBC Presenter

Claira’s playful personality has seen her present online music portal Officially Grime Daily, SBTV and Holymoly. HolyMoly! snapped her up as their red carpet presenter where her blunt and energetic personality saw her asking celebrities entertainingly inappropriate questions.Claira regularly presents radio shows for BBC Radio 1xtra and keeps herself super busy creating, filing and editing youtube videos for her quickly growing channel.
LT Zonda

LT Zonda 346K Twitch Subscribers

LT Zonda is one of the UK's biggest Twitch streamers, with over 300,000 followers, as well as a significant following on Youtube and Twitter. 78K YouTube Subscribers, 80K Social Media Following & a mighty 346K Twitch Audience base.

Sacriel Over 200K Twitch Subs

Sacriel, a lifelong gamer. His channel hosts one of the most well-known and respected communities on Twitch, known as the 42nd, which has over 200,000 followers. Sacriel's reach includes: Youtube: 99.000 Subscribers, Twitch Subscribers: 218,000 & 44,000 Twitter followers.

TBJZL 3.4 Million YouTube Subscribers

Tobijizzle is a member of The Sidemen and has 3.4 million subscribers across his 2 Youtube channels, as well as being a regular streamer on Twitch.TV
Capgun Tom

Capgun Tom Over 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

24 year old UK based FIFA YouTuber, Capgun Tom launched his channel back in 2008 and reached a milestone 1million Subscribers in August this year. He now has in excess 1.1 million subscribers over two channels and has a social media following of around 400k.
Britanni Johnson

Britanni Johnson Film & Game Actress

Britanni graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with Energy Management and Technology. She is an actress, known for Borderlands (2009), In Vacuo (2013) and From Above (2013).

MomoFIFAHD 1.1 million Subscribers, US Based

MomoFIFAHD is a Youtuber based in Dallas, Texas who primarily uploads FIFA content. Momo has 1.1 million Youtube subscribers on his channels and is one of the largest American Youtubers in the FIFA community.

KeanuBoss 235K Youtube Subscribers

Keanu is a British based Youtuber, known for his channel which is a mixture of FIFA Uploads and Real Life videos. Keanu has a rapidly growing following of 235,000 on Youtube and over 30,000 followers on Twitter!

VeeTwoEye 184,000 Twitter Followers

After a successful career vlogging Jason turned his hand to travel blogging and for the last 4 years has been delivering eye opening content from across the globe. From road trips with friends to exploring ways to travel with no money. Over 180,000 are subscribed to join Jason on his adventure of self discovery and wanderlust.

Calfreezy Largest followings in the football influencer community.

Calfreezy has a significant following on Twitter of 1.1 million, 2.8 million on YouTube and 114K on Facebook, which contributes to one of the largest followings in the football influencer community.

Manny Total Audience: 2.1 Million

Manny is a FIFA gamer who publishes his content to his ‘Manny’ channel where he has over 1.2 million subscribers. Manny is the brother of Sideman Tobjizzle, and regularly collabs with The Sidemen, meaning he shares a very similar audience. Manny also uploads other IRL football videos and challenges.
Arsenal Fan TV

Arsenal Fan TV 8.32 million Twitter followers

ArsenalFanTV is the No.1 Fan Channel on YouTube with 398,964 subscribers, 8.32 million Twitter followers and over 37 million likes on Facebook. It was set up by Arsenal Fans for Arsenal Fans. 'We get fans reactions to each game and show and talk about all things Arsenal."

ChrisMD Over 4.5 million total audience.

ChrisMD is one of the largest football-related influencers in the world, with over 2.8million subscribers on his main channel and 91K subscribers on his second channel.

Wroetoshaw Over 9 million subscribers on YouTube

Harry makes similar content to the majority of the Sidemen, with challenges, VLOG’s, comedy and FIFA gaming video’s, with over 9 million subscribers. As well as a huge presence on YouTube, Harry also has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million on Twitter.

Tobiias Over 600,000 subscribers

Popular FIFA gamer who uploads FiFA gameplay to his channel TobiiasGaming. He also created a series for his channel called Pack to the Future. His channel has earned over 600,000 subscribers to date. As well as being a successful YouTuber, he is also the co-founder of a clothing company called Biased Clothing.

Fangs 1,3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Also known as ItsFangs or simply Fangs, she is the top female FIFA YouTuber as well as Twitch TV live streamer. She also streams games such as Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. Fangs reached 1.2 million YouTube subscribers in September 2016 & on Twitch she has earned over 345,000 followers.

Lachlan Total audience: 5.3 million

Lachlan is a member of the YouTube collective, The Pack and has almost 3 million followers on his main channel, on which he uploads a mixture of gaming, including Minecraft & Pokemon.

AnesonGIB Total audience 1.6 million

AnesonGIB is a FIFA gamer on YouTube whose FIFA content consists of pack openings, challenges, ultimate teams and more. He launched his channel in 2012 and has since amassed over 1.2million subscribers, as well as an audience of over 500,000 on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Jericho Total audience: 3 million

IIJERiiCHOII is a gaming YouTuber and Vlogger who lives in Portland, Oregon. He occasionally makes skits in which he plays a character named Jericho and is a part of the Gamer Shore. Jericho has 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube and 925K Followers on Twitch

OMGfirefoxx 754K YouTube Subscribers

Sonja Reid, known as OMGitsfirefoxx, is a Canadian gaming commentator / vlogger who lives in Los Angeles. Her channel was started fairly recently and grew extensively due to her involvement in Mianite. She plays a variety of games, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch being her most frequent currently. 754K subscribers on YouTube and 779K followers on Twitch.

Nightscape Over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Nightscape urban explorer and photographer who gained fame on both YouTube and Instagram with his explorations of places that not many others would dare to consider. In 2016, Nightscape’s audience has exploded to over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and continues to grow.
Jobless Garrett

Jobless Garrett Total audience: 1.3 million

YouTube gamer who mainly posts Grand Theft Auto gameplay and tutorials. He also posts many FPS games on his JoblessGarrett channel. He created his channel and uploaded his first video in September 2011 and now has over 1.1 million subscribers!

TGF Bro 1.9 million subscribers YouTube

Jay Swingler and Romell Henry, more commonly known together as TGFbro, are a pair of British YouTubers that make comedy and prank videos. Jay and Romell are from and live in the town of Dudley in the West Midlands; just outside of Birmingham and upload crazy pranks and challenges to their audience of over 2 million.
Danny jones

Danny jones Total audience: 1.3 million

Danny Jones is an English musician who is one of the lead vocalists and guitarists for pop-rock band McFly. As well as this, Danny has made numerous TV appearances and has recently been announced as one of the coaches for the inauguaral ‘The Voice Kids’ , along with Will.I.Am and Pixie Lott.
Ryan Bertrand

Ryan Bertrand Total audience 732K

Ryan Bertrand is a Premier League footballer who plays for Southampton, as well as the England national team, most recently representing England at Euro 2016. Ryan burst on to the scene at Chelsea, winning the Champions League Final. Since then, Ryan has been a regular in the England national team and continues to develop.

Finch 457K subscribers on YouTube

Finch is primarily a FIFA YouTuber, with over 450,000 subscribers to his channel. As well as posting FIFA content, Finch also uploads occasional VLOG’s of the things he gets up to with the rest of his friends in the infamous ‘Sidemen Tower’.
VIX Adams

VIX Adams Total audience 27K

Vix Adams works as a London based freelance Fashion Stylist and Creative Director on runway shows, music videos, commercial projects and fashion editorials. She has styled many celebrity clients including McFly, McBusted, Jo Whiley, Ms Dynamite, Example, Kate Nash, Lauren Pope, Lucy Watson, Lee Ryan, Shayne Ward to name a few.


Check out the gallery for an idea of who we work with. Don't see the person you are looking for? Drop us an email, we have direct access to pretty much every English speaking Youtuber/Twitch streamer on the planet.