Accountancy & Logistics

We understand that your time is precious and the more time you can spend engaging with your audience, the bigger it will become and the more loyal your followers will be to you and your channels.

We can help take away all of the time-consuming logistics of running your business. Some area's that we can help are:

  • Accountancy
  • Tax Advice
  • Travel Planning
  • Invoicing / Credit Control
  • Merchandise Business Development
  • Event Planning
  • Brand Liaison
  • Business Email Management

& much more!

Business Development

Your brand is important to you, and rightfully so. Upload Agency can help you in all aspects of developing your brand and business, to ensure it reaches its full potential. Whether it's helping you develop your own merchandise range, collaborate with other influencers, build a social media plan, align with suitable lifestyle brands or anything else, we have got you covered.

Commercial Agreements

Do you have any current commercial agreements or partnerships? At Upload Agency we can take care of it all for you.

Whether it's checking through your contractual terms on your behalf, linking you up with brand partnership deals, ensuring any current deals renew without issue or anything else, we can help! 

Sponsorship Negotiation

At Upload, we have over 15 years experience in Sales and Negotiations. We'll help negotiate the best deal for you. The best bit about it? It won't cost you a fortune. Our fee's are quite simple.

If you pass us a lead from your own mailbox, we'll only take between 7.5% and 10% fee from any resulting sale. If we go out and develop and opportunity for you, then for a standard sale, we'll only take 15%, which puts our fees among the lowest in the industry. You built up your network to the value it is worth today, YOU deserve the reward.

Video Location Procurement

Are you looking for locations to film video content for your channel? As an Upload Partner, we will take care of this for you. Whether you need access to a football pitch, want to use a go-karting track for a video or anything else, just speak to us and we'll take care of it for you, in nearly all cases, we'll secure you the hire of venue absolutely free of charge!

Brand Development

Speak to us about how we can help develop your brand. You might want to develop your own branded merchandise range, or simply want advice on how to be more media friendly. As an Upload Partner, we are always on hand to help. 

Event Management

We have experience in running many different types of event, from small meet & greet events, for you to meet your fans, VIP parties, right the way through to large-scale conventions. If you're looking to run an event, let us help you plan it and take care of every aspect, from start to finish. 

Diary Management

Life as an Influencer is a busy one. We understand that. This is why as an Upload Partner, we will take care of your diary management for you, as well as looking after your business emails, if required. We'll free up as much of your time as possible to help you spend more time uploading videos and interacting with your fanbase.