Why Us?

Upload was set up to look after the ever growing number of content creators and social influencers who hold such a huge value to brands. We want to ensure you are getting what YOU deserve whilst also helping develop your brand to it's full potential. Below are some reasons to choose Upload...

Low Fees

We work in a number of different ways, the maximum standard fee you will pay Upload for securing you business is 15% *If there ever is likely to be a higher fee than 15%, usually when a contract requires significant extra work to secure, we'll be straight up from the start.

We also understand that you are regularly contacted by brands wishing to secure your services. As an Upload Partner, we will deal with the enquiry on your behalf and negotiate you the best deal If you decide not to take up their offer, then our time will cost you absolutely nothing. However If you decide to proceed then you only pay us 7.5%

We Work For You

At Upload, we do not work for any of the brands or agencies that want your services. We do not have any retained agreements with brands or media agencies and we do not work on behalf of them. We work exclusively with you, the content creators. So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that we ALWAYS have your best interests at heart. We won't accept money from a prospective investor in order to try and secure your services on the cheap. We're always on your side.

Fully Reported Contracts

When allowing Upload to sell on your behalf or look after your commercial opportunities, we will provide clear reports, showing every step of the way. If we are coming to you with an opportunity, we will provide all documentation, contracts and invoices from the client, so you can be assured that you are getting every penny of what you expect.

Get in touch with us to talk about how Upload Agency can work with you