Talent Aquisition

Over the years, we have built up a huge contact list of Youtuber's, Twitch Streamers and Online Influencers. If there is a particular influencer that you would like to work with, let us know. At Upload, we have access to pretty much every English speaking Youtuber on the planet and if we don't know them, we'll know someone who does!

Product Sponsorship

One of the most common activities we receive enquiries about is Product Sponsorship. This could be an influencer using your headset whilst they are gaming, un-boxing of your new product, online giveaways/competitions, reviews, wearing your merchandise or pretty much anything else. Our talent have some of the most influential audiences that you'll find. If you have an upcoming project which includes an influencer campaign, let us know. 

Event Attendance

If you are running an event, a great way of driving ticket sales is to invite Youtuber's and Online Influencers who will promote your event to their audience. If you want any of our talent to attend your event, let us know. Our talent is available for VIP Parties, Meet & Greets, Stage Shows / Live Productions. Let us know your requirements and we will do the rest!

Event Management

We have a wealth of experience in Event Management. If you are looking for help with your next event, drop us a line

Social Media

The online reach through our talent runs in to the hundreds of millions. Our talent has an extensive reach across all Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. If you are running a Social Media campaign, we can help. 

At the last count, the reach of our talent roster is well over 100 million across all Social Media platforms!

Video Content

Are you launching a new product? Our talent can create bespoke engaging videos promoting your product that will be seen by millions of easily influenced viewers. Our talent have created everything from simple VLOG's , video game play, film trailers and much, much more!